Terrestrial Ecology Our Unique Natural Environment

Biosis provides leading Terrestrial Ecology Services.

Project planning is becoming more reliant on detailed baseline data, placing greater demands on projects. With complex government policy and legislation, the need for specialist consulting advice is clear.

The Biosis Terrestrial Ecology Team is one of the largest and most experienced in the country. We take on a range of projects that require specialist survey techniques, impact assessments and monitoring studies to ensure environmentally responsive outcomes are achieved. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts provides appropriate information and timely advice to allow our clients to make well informed decisions.

Biosis Terrestrial Ecology Services include:

  • community consultation
  • compliance assessments (EPBC, REF, SEE, Assessment of Significance (i.e. 7 Part Test), SIS, Net Gain)
  • ecological condition and significance assessment
  • ecological monitoring
  • flora and fauna surveys
  • Green Star ecological land use type mapping
  • impact and risk minimisation strategies
  • natural area planning and management
  • regional ecosystem and biocondition assessments
  • revegetation and habitat rehabilitation/enhancement
  • vegetation and habitat GIS analysis and mapping
  • weed mapping and management
  • wetland assessment, mapping and management

Biosis Specialist Terrestrial Ecology Services include:

  • Green Star, EnviroDevelopment and Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool reporting
  • airport bird strike risk assessment and management
  • ecological input to green star/envirodevelopment applications
  • forestry auditing
  • koala habitat assessments and managements plans
  • landfill pest bird management
  • longwall mine subsidence impacts
  • major project biodiversity assessments
  • offset site management, reserve management (Net Gain/No Net Loss)
  • threatened fauna expertise
  • threatened flora species and vegetation translocation
  • wind farm bird collision risk modelling