Our people

Ewan Kelly

BSc Team Leader – Botany (Victoria)

Ewan has over seven years experience working in native vegetation and is experienced in conducting flora and fauna surveys and habitat assessments throughout south eastern Australia. He has an extensive knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and conservation management with skills in vegetation survey, botanical ID, monitoring, VQA assessments and targeted survey for rare and threatened species.

Ewan has managed and worked on a number of large-scale projects, including assessments in the Victorian and NSW Alps, Western NSW semi-arid regions and infrastructure projects throughout North East Victoria and central-west NSW. He has also provided ecological advice for large scale infrastructure projects including proposed solar farms in NSW and Victoria and linear infrastructure projects including roads and pipelines.

Ewan has worked on several offset site registration projects across Victoria and is experienced with preparation of NVCR documentation and liaising with NVCR staff. Ewan was invited by DELWP in 2018 to test and provide feedback on the latest NVCR templates, gain calculator and registration process. He has a strong working knowledge of policy and legislation relating to biodiversity.

Prior to joining Biosis Ewan worked as a research assistant with La Trobe Universities Alpine Ecology lab and developed a sound knowledge of alpine flora and ecosystems.