At Biosis our highly skilled heritage team provides practical and innovative solutions based on best-practice approaches and a comprehensive understanding of heritage issues and approvals processes. With more than 40 heritage team members across Australia, Biosis has demonstrated ability and experience across all states and territories.  

Our heritage consultants have the expertise, knowledge, and relationships to deliver all aspects of your project, and have a strong understanding of the state, territory and commonwealth regulatory environments relevant to heritage. Our staff provide high quality advice throughout a project lifecycle, from project planning and strategic advice, securing approvals, and the development and actioning of compliance requirements.

Our services include due diligence and project constraints assessments, Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments, cultural heritage management plans, archaeological investigation and analysis, heritage impact assessments and interpretation, cultural values recording, community consultation and conservation management plans. 

With a wealth of knowledge and over 24 years’ experience in the heritage industry, the we have demonstrated our willingness and ability to practice within the terms of the Burra Charter and the Ethical Principles for ICOMOS Members. We are a corporate member of ICOMOS Australia and have current full international ICOMOS members within our teams.

We provide specialist on-ground services and employ sophisticated spatial analysis tools to generate predictive models and management mapping for all project scales. Our GIS specialists work closely with our heritage consultants to develop products that are tailored to your project.

Our Heritage services include:

  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits (AHIP)
  • Cultural Heritage Permits (CHP)
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments (ACHA) 
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Land Management Agreements (ACHLMA)
  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests (PAHT) 
  • Heritage Impact Statements (HIS) 
  • Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) 
  • Heritage Management Plans (HMP) 
  • Conservation Management Plans (CMP) 
  • Existing Conditions Reports for Environmental Effects Statements (EES) 
  • Heritage Permits or Heritage Permit Exemptions
  • Consents to Uncover, Excavate, or Damage 

Key Team Members

Ashley O’Sullivan

Ashley O’Sullivan

Manager – Heritage (Victoria)
Samantha Keats

Samantha Keats

Manager – Heritage (NSW)
Jane Stradwick

Jane Stradwick

Team Leader – Heritage (Victoria)
Maggie Butcher

Maggie Butcher

Team Leader – Heritage (NSW)
Don Wallace

Don Wallace

Principal Built Heritage
Gary Vines

Gary Vines

Principal Archaeologist

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