Our people

Michael Goddard

BSc (Hons), LLB (Hons), DELWP Vegetation Quality Assessment Accreditation Senior Associate Botanist

Michael is a Senior Associate Botanist and Technical Lead who has been with Biosis since 2014.

He has conducted flora and fauna surveys and impact assessments in a range of ecosystems, from alpine and grassland environments to forests and woodlands, in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales.

He has experience in targeted searches for threatened species, mapping of threatened ecological communities as well as the development and implementation of ecological monitoring programs.

Michael is accredited by the Victorian Government Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action to assess vegetation quality with the habitat hectares methodology in accordance with Victoria’s Biodiversity Assessment Guidelines. His legal background also gives him an excellent understanding of Australian environmental law and policy.

Prior to joining Biosis, Michael contributed to and led research projects focussed on the ecology of alpine, sub-alpine and forest ecosystems. He worked in the rainforests and heathlands of Tasmania, studying tree growth in order to model past climatic conditions.

Michael’s research was conducted for various stakeholders who were seeking to better understand past climate and ecology to better prepare for the future, and he has presented this research at conferences in Australia and overseas.