Our people

Maggie Butcher

BA/BSc, BA (Hons) Archaeology Team Leader – Heritage (NSW)

Maggie has over eight years’ archaeological consultancy experience, as well as extensive volunteering experience on archaeological research projects both in Australia and overseas. Maggie is an approved excavation director under the Heritage Act 1977 and has extensive experience working as an archaeologist on Historical and Aboriginal heritage projects across New South Wales. She is skilled in report preparation, project management excavations and field recording.

Her areas of expertise include archaeological and heritage management advice, archaeological excavation and survey, artefact analysis and technical report writing. Maggie has managed a range of different projects for a diverse client base including Local and State Government, architectural firms, engineering firms, private developers and Defence. These include projects which require Historical Heritage Assessments, Statement of Heritage Impacts, Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessments, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments, Conservation Management Plans, Heritage Interpretation Plans, Constraints Analysis, Heritage Impact Assessments and permits for both Aboriginal and European archaeology. She has extensive experience working on major State significance projects as well as locally significant sites.

Maggie has both managed her own projects and served as a key team member on of projects throughout NSW. This has seen her take part in project management of complex projects involving both European and Aboriginal heritage, community consultation, excavation, planning, site recording, supervising subcontractors, assisting on open days and the subsequent analysis of artefacts including written artefact analysis reports. Maggie is also accomplished in obtaining approvals under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and the Heritage Act 1977.