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7 December 2023

Nathan Windram presenting at the AAA Conference 2023

Heritage Consultant, Nathan Windram, will be presenting a poster at the AAA Conference, held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from 5-8 of December.



Potential for material Aboriginal cultural heritage remains following inundation on the South Coast of NSW. A case-study of the Tasman Seabed within the southern province of the continental margin


A case study of three coastal areas off the far south coast of NSW with the initial objective of determining the presence of Aboriginal archaeological material present upon the seabed. The case studies will also investigate modern Aboriginal cultural importance of these coastal regions in an effort to determine maritime traditions of coastal occupiers. The investigation includes a general overview of the Tasman Sea and the Tasman Sea floor, which is divided into six total regions.

Description are given that include the overall geography of the shelf plain, its slope gradient and estimates of total seabed transportation occurring, as well as date estimation for inundation events. Through the use of seabed mapping resources, elevation profiles for the study areas are provided that illustrate the effects of seabed transportation, as well as the material composition of the seabed.

Author – Nathan Windram
GIS Operator – Jennifer Townsend