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3 July 2024

Biosis opens office in Geelong

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a new Biosis office in Geelong.

Located at Suite 4, 200 Malop Street, the Geelong office will support the delivery of our ongoing projects in Victoria’s southwest (and reduce the commute to work for employees who live in the area!). This will be our third regional office in Victoria, adding to our presence in Ballarat and Wangaratta.

Biosis has completed, and continues to work on, projects in the Geelong area including the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas Strategic Assessment, Greater Avalon Employment Precinct, Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail, Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment, and numerous renewable energy projects in the Southwest Renewable Energy Zone.

Our initial team in Geelong will include employees from each of our core business areas of ecology, heritage, and environmental approvals. There are profiles on each person below.

For project enquires in the area please contact

Dr Jonathan Botha
Team Leader - Zoology (Victoria)

Jonathan leads the Victorian Zoology team and coordinates fauna related work across the state. He has managed various projects including flora and fauna assessments, and ecological monitoring of seabirds, shorebirds, waterbirds, terrestrial mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. His expertise in marine and aquatic ecology has been pivotal in managing large offshore wind energy projects off the Gippsland coast, and ongoing aquatic monitoring in northern and northeastern Victoria.

Jessica Hurse
Technical Director - Environmental Approvals

With 18 years of experience in the development industry across both private and public sectors, Jess has expertise in strategy development, statutory planning, stakeholder engagement, and policy reform. Before joining Biosis, Jess led integrated planning teams in the local Geelong government sector; managing strategic planning and environmental approvals for Victoria’s largest regional growth area. She worked closely with government stakeholders, the development industry, and the local community to balance social, economic, and environmental objectives.

Kim White
Team Leader – Heritage (Victoria)

Kim has over ten years of experience in cultural heritage management and consulting archaeology in Victoria, specialising in Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments and historic archaeological excavations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. As a listed Heritage Advisor and qualified Archaeologist, Kim has authored over 80 cultural heritage management plans and contributed to numerous significance and impact assessments. As the team leader of our Victorian heritage team, he shares his experience by mentoring and supporting our consultants.

Aymeric Fromant
Senior Zoologist

Aymeric has 12 years of experience in ecological research and fieldwork across marine and terrestrial ecosystems. His work has primarily focused on the ecology, foraging behaviour, and distribution of marine predators, particularly in the Southern Ocean and the Arctic. Aymeric’s extensive project experience has equipped him with diverse research techniques, strong analytical skills, and excellent report writing abilities. He has managed numerous projects, from flora and fauna assessments in Australian terrestrial ecosystems to risk assessments of seabirds and marine mammals in the Southern Ocean.

Yonina Eizenberg

Yonina has five years of environmental research experience within coastal and marine environments. For the past 2 years, she has been working on offshore islands within Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean as a PhD candidate at Deakin University focusing her research on acoustically measuring seabird populations. Before starting her PhD, Yonina worked as a Field Ecologist for a 10-month internship with the Conservation Ecology Centre in the Great Otway National Park. Throughout her career, Yonina has developed specialised skills in collecting and collating field data, biologging, seabird identification, statistical analysis and scientific writing.


Pictured: Technical Director - Environmental Approvals Jessica Hurse, Zoologist Yonina Eizenberg, Senior Zoologist Aymeric Fromant and Team Leader - Zoology (Victoria) Dr Jonathan Botha.