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1 November 2023

Breakthrough in tracking the endangered Australian Painted Snipe

A group of researchers aiming to track the movements of the Australian Painted Snipe had a breakthrough on October 22 when they successfully captured and tagged their first bird.

This tracking project, of which Biosis is a sponsor, aims to shed light on the mysterious behaviours and migratory patterns of these critically endangered birds. Led by Dr Matt Herring of Murray Wildlife, the team includes our Senior Zoologist, Dr Inka Veltheim.

The capture and successful tagging on the 22nd of October, of the bird now named ‘Gloria’ marks a significant milestone in the ongoing Australian Painted Snipe tracking project, garnering attention from researchers, conservationists, and bird enthusiasts alike.

Through tracking Gloria’s journey, researchers aim to discover new nesting sites, drought refuges, or undiscovered strongholds, offering vital conservation insights.  These extraordinary birds with a stunning appearance have remained elusive and shrouded in mystery, however, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the research team we are a little closer to understanding their migratory behaviour. Currently, scientists have no knowledge of the mating call of the Australian Painted Snipe and hope the  tracking will also provide a unique opportunity to study and document this previously unknown aspect of the bird's behaviour.

Biosis has proudly served as a silver sponsor of the Australian Painted Snipe tracking project since its beginning. We are excited to be granted the naming rights for a future tagged bird.

We have chosen a name that holds significant meaning and pays tribute to an exceptional Biosian - Dan. Dan Gilmore, was a passionate Zoologist and wonderful colleague who dedicated his career to the natural world. Sadly, Dan passed away in September 2022, but his legacy lives on through the countless people he mentored and inspired over the years, as well as our Daniel Gilmore Scholarship.

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