Our people

Clare McCutcheon

BEnvSc (ConsEco), BEnvSc (Hons) Senior Associate Zoologist

Clare McCutcheon is a highly experienced zoologist with over 12 years of ecological consulting experience conducting fauna surveys and habitat assessments across south-eastern Australia. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and conservation management, with a particular focus on vertebrate fauna identification, monitoring, and targeted survey for rare and threatened species.

Clare has designed and coordinated numerous large-scale surveys for threatened fauna species across a range of habitats, including targeted mammal surveys of the central Gippsland foothill forests, seabird and shorebird surveys of the central Gippsland coast and targeted surveys for threatened grassland fauna to the west of Melbourne.

She has also undertaken impact assessments for a range of large-scale infrastructure projects including onshore and offshore wind farms in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and linear infrastructure projects including major roads and pipelines. Clare has an excellent working knowledge of policy and legislation relating to biodiversity, and has coordinated the environmental approvals for a number of projects including the Ravenhall Prison Project on former Commonwealth land at Ravenhall, Victoria.

During her time with Biosis, Clare has managed and participated in numerous projects for rare and threatened fauna including Growling Grass Frog, Striped Legless Lizard, Grassland Earless Dragon, Alpine Bog Skink, Plains-wanderer, Golden Sun Moth and Broad-toothed Rat.

Clare is also responsible for leading the training and technical development of the Victorian Ecology Team at Biosis.