Our people

Claire Nunez

B Cult Herit St, GCCP, Dip App Proj Mgt, M.ICOMOS General Manager (NSW)

Claire’s diversity in experience provides her with a deep understanding of the relationship between communities, places and their ongoing development. She understands that stories and experiences can shape and influence who we are as people and communities, connecting people’s lives and livelihoods to the places as they change through time. She is passionate about engaging with communities to reveal these layers. She has a background in government with proven success in the private sector delivering heritage advice, stakeholder engagement, project management and leadership.

Claire has a career that blends heritage management, materials conservation, government policy, strategic advice and regulation. She has experience in providing multifaceted heritage services on construction projects, leading diverse teams, managing complex projects and delivering challenging stakeholder engagement activities. She is interested in the ongoing connection between people and place and the role of heritage, policy and innovation in the environmental planning sector and how heritage places are managed with sustainability in mind. She is passionate about the recognition and active presence of heritage places.

Claire is currently on the Heritage Council of NSW Heritage Advisory Committee and the Australia ICOMOS Intangible Cultural Heritage Scientific Committee. Her experience in public service roles and commercial practice provides her with an exceptional understanding about conserving heritage places across NSW and Australia.

She has expertise in working with environment and planning legislation, including experience in heritage regulation and policy roles within the public service as an Assistant Director in the Commonwealth Department of Environment. She has also undertaken a secondment to Heritage NSW to assist their teams manage applications under the Heritage Act 1977 and has in depth knowledge of the heritage listings process in NSW.

Claire brings a positive and solutions focused approach to projects and provides evidence based advice to clients in order to create positive results.