Latest News Celebrating five years with Biosis!
19 July 2023

Consultant Spotlight – Ashley Bridge

Last week Heritage Consultant, Ashley Bridge celebrated her five year anniversary with Biosis. We wanted to take the opportunity to ask her about some of her highlights, achievements and memorable moments.

Tell us about your experience in heritage; it's a large area of study, do you have any areas of special interest?

My experience in the heritage industry over the past five years has been very rewarding and interesting.

I started my consultancy journey in 2018 with Biosis and I have been able to work and interact with so many amazing people in that time. My background and area of interest is in skeletal remains, both human and zooarchaeological, so moving into a space that focuses on Aboriginal and historical archaeology has allowed me to grow as a consultant and provide me with so many new and valuable skills.

During your time at Biosis what is your biggest achievement or a project you worked on that you are most proud of?

One of the projects I’m most proud of during my time in Biosis is a project I am still working on in Rouse Hill. This project was one of my first projects that I undertook as a project manager and I have been able to follow it through from the initial constraints assessment to Aboriginal consultation, test excavations, salvage excavations, all the way to obtaining construction certificates and approvals. It’s been amazing to be able to work on something from start to finish and see great heritage outcomes as a result.

What has been your most enjoyable memory in your five years so far?

Being able to work in a variety of environments through this job is always thoroughly enjoyable, especially completing jobs out west. Travelling to Nimme Ciara and working with the Aboriginal community to identify Aboriginal remains was a highlight for me.

Also, the 10+ hour car rides with the NSW heritage team that is required to make remote fieldwork happen are always a lot of fun and usually involve a lot of laughter and karaoke!

What is next for you, any career goals or milestones that you are working towards at Biosis?

I’m hoping to complete more excavations overseas in 2024 now that borders have opened up and to attend and present at some conferences in the new year.