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Aaron Troy BSc (Hons), MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Environment Institute of Australian and New Zealand (EIANZ)
Australian Institute of Management

Aaron is the Biosis Chief Operating Officer and Senior Aquatic Ecologist.

His aquatic ecology career began in 2002, investigating the chemistry and macroinvertebrates of inland waters with La Trobe University, where he also completed his honours degree in aquatic ecology and environmental management.

Aaron continued his relationship with La Trobe as a Chemistry Lecturer and Freshwater Ecology Researcher, working with key agencies including the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre and the North East and Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.

Following a stint as an environmental chemist, Aaron joined Biosis in 2009 as an Aquatic Ecologist in the Sydney office with expertise in the design, establishment and monitoring of aquatic environments. He has a specific interest in macroinvertebrates and AUSRIVAS methodology. A promotion to consultant quickly followed with a subsequent move to management as the Sydney Resource Group Manager in January 2011, the Melbourne Resource Group Manager in October 2013 and the Chief Operating Officer in 2019.

Aaron’s positive communication style means trusted analysis and advice. His skills and interest in finance and people management have ensured the ongoing success of Biosis.

Aaron’s out of the box and lateral thinking led to the development of the Aquatic Health Report Card on the Mangoola Coal Stream Health Monitoring Program for Xstrata Coal; a snapshot report that enables Biosis clients to quickly and easily identify areas that require investigation or mitigation measures. This has since been rolled out to other mine sites.

Biosis clients and staff benefit from Aaron’s consultative, inclusive and collaborative approach.

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