Aquatic Ecology Our Freshwater, Estuarine and Marine Environments

Website_aquatic2Biosis provides leading Ecology Services.

Increased community awareness of human impacts on waterways and aquatic life has led to further accountability for business. Aquatic assessments must now meet State and Commonwealth legislative requirements and consider not only direct impacts but also those offsite and downstream.

The Biosis Aquatic Ecology Team is a fully integrated group that is available to cover your project’s freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. Our experienced consultants perform environmental assessments of rivers, lakes, creeks and associated riparian habitats, as well as marine habitats, estuarine habitats and saltwater and freshwater wetland environments.

Biosis Aquatic Ecology Services include:

Freshwater Ecology 

  • freshwater fish surveys
  • freshwater flora and fauna surveys
  • biodiversity and ecological significance assessment
  • compliance assessments (EPBC, REF, SEE, Assessment of Significance (i.e. 7 Part Test), SIS, Net Gain, SEPP-WoV, EPA discharge licenses)
  • ecological condition/health assessment (e.g. AUSRIVAS)
  • impact and risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • instream habitat assessment and mapping
  • macroinvertebrate sampling and identification
  • ecological and water quality monitoring programs
  • freshwater habitat rehabilitation
  • waterway planning and management

Marine and Estuarine Ecology 

  • marine and estuarine fish surveys
  • seagrass and algal surveys and mapping
  • subtidal and intertidal reef surveys
  • sediment and benthic infauna sampling
  • community consultation
  • scientific diving
  • impact and risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • marine habitat assessments and mapping
  • water quality assessment
  • compliance assessment
  • ecological and water quality monitoring programs

Biosis Specialist Aquatic Ecology Services include:

  • targeted aquatic fauna surveys for threatened species
  • fish salvage and translocation
  • longwall mine subsidence impacts
  • major project biodiversity assessments (T&A)
  • threatened flora species and vegetation translocation
  • conservation management expertise