Case Studies. Make Good Decisions with Biosis

Biosis ecology and heritage consultants contribute to projects across a range of sectors.

Major Projects and Infrastructure

Major projects and infrastructure development are important to society and the economy. Roads, buildings, levees, bridges and railways create economic activity and bring people together.

Resources and Energy

Natural resources and energy projects exist to service human needs and aspirations. The mining, exploration, harvesting, extraction and harnessing of elements that generate power, supports our way of life and makes changes to our natural environment.

Biosis ecology and heritage consultants enable good decisions around resources and energy projects within the relevant legislative bounds.

Industrial and Residential

Industrial and residential developments bring innovation to our places of work and rest. Light industrial, industrial, manufacturing, housing and community developments change our landscape and the way people live in it.

Tourism and Recreation

Tourism and recreation projects entice people out of their everyday lives. Experiences had on mountain trails, by the ocean, in museums, hotels and parks open up the world and help us understand it.

Local, State and Territory and Commonwealth Government

Commonwealth, state and territory and local government projects are commissioned to make improvements to and act in support of our communities. Government amenities and facilities enable people to come together to learn, play and grow.


Biosis helps clients make good decisions around major projects within applicable legislation. View our case studies to learn more about our work.