Free Live Webinar on Dry Stone Walls

Join Biosis heritage experts to discuss the management of dry stone walls in new developments in peri-urban Melbourne and surrounds. The second Biosis Webinar topic is :  Don’t Fence Me In! Managing Dry Stone Walls in Victoria

What’s it About?

Dry stone walls are a distinctive feature of Victoria’s cultural landscape, including Melbourne’s northern and western fringe. Built by British and sometimes European immigrants, using techniques passed on through generations, they are often the oldest European feature in the landscape. Dry stone walls offer a unique insight into Australia’s early European settlement but they also present a challenge for developers dealing with the specific planning regulations covering them and the increased appreciation of their historic and aesthetic value. This webinar considers:

  • How should they be protected?
  • How can they be incorporated into new developments?
  • How should they be managed, long-term?
  • These walls may be dry, but they’re definitely not boring!

Why Should I be interested?

If your projects involve management of dry stone walls, or if you’re interested in the past, present and future of these unique heritage features, you won’t want to miss this webinar with Biosis heritage and planning experts Gary Vines, Leah Tepper and Mitchell Deaves.

Biosis Principal Heritage Advisor Gary Vines will take us through the history of dry stone walls – how and why were they built? Why are they so important? And how do we balance preservation with development?

Biosis Environmental Planner Mitchell Deaves will give a short overview of the planning context of dry stone walls, including Statewide particular provision Clause 52.33 and its varied application across local government areas.Biosis Consultant Archaeologist Leah Tepper will follow with a review of your statutory obligations and how to meaningfully incorporate dry stone walls as a project design feature.

We’ll finish with ample time for Q&A, so get your questions ready.

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We hope to see you there!