Holiday artwork by Lakeisha Clayton

2021 Artwork Story

This year, to continue the goals we have as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan framework, Biosis has committed to further strengthening our commercial relationships with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses and individuals. For this reason, when it came time to discuss the Holiday Artwork and the new artwork for our Melbourne Head Office, we knew we wanted to work with someone within the Biosis family.

Lakeisha Clayton and her family have worked with Biosis on several projects over the years, as local Registered Aboriginal Parties. Lakeisha worked with us to create the above stunning piece of art, which is a representation of Biosis and its journey. The painting symbolises the growth Biosis has experienced, and the journey we’ve been on as we’ve slowly transitioned from a small business to a larger one – with over 50 new starters in the last twelve months alone.

Lakeisha and her father, Shane, came to the Melbourne Head Office to hand over the artwork directly to us, and Shane performed a smoking ceremony. A smoking ceremony assists in cleansing the area and the people of bad spirits and to promote the protection and well-being of visitors.

It is not just the smoke that is important in the ceremony but also how the fire is lit and what is used to make it. Shane explained the history and importance of his actions, and then he lit a set smoking site so that our staff could gather around and walk through the cleansing smoke.