The first Australasian Wind and Wildlife Conference was held in Melbourne on 9 October 2012 and brought together expertise from Australian and New Zealand researchers, industry, consultants, regulators and non-government organisation.  Biosis has been heavily involved in assessment of biodiversity and cultural heritage for the wind industry for more than 12 years and was the major sponsor of the conference.  Our senior zoologists Mark Venosta and Ian Smales, are well known for their understanding of the industry and knowledge of the interactions of fauna with wind farms, and were members of the six-person organising committee.

The conference was attended by 116 participants and covered a range of topics from 15 speakers.  Delegates were mainly from Australia but a number of New Zealanders and one from Denmark attended and provided presentations.

As Ian said, the conference was a success as it:

  • Brought together researchers, industry, consultants, regulators and non-government organisations to share the results of wind farm and wildlife investigations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Facilitated communication between groups and provided an opportunity for information sharing and networking.
  • Showcased current research and management in the field of wind farms and wildlife in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Drew attention to the standards required for future research and management.
  • Highlighted areas in need of further investigation.

Proceedings of the conference have just been published online by the international science publisher Springer.  Please contact Springer to obtain a copy or to order a hard copy.

For more information contact Ian on 0427 807 935 or Mark on 0428 539 534