Matt Looby, Senior Ecologist in our Wangaratta office, led several activities at the annual ‘biodiversity campout’ at the Winton Wetlands in north east Victoria.  Over 30 community members were involved and had the opportunity to explore the wetlands and find out what makes them tick.   A diversity of activities highlighted the natural and cultural values of the wetlands including wetland vegetation talks, nocturnal surveys for frogs and bats, bird watching and a walk out to the ‘Spit’ to visit cultural heritage sites and observe water-bird feeding.  Matt guided forays into the shallow marshes of Winton and shared his knowledge and long term observations of the wetlands.  As he commented “Winton Wetlands is an amazing place with an interesting history.  The natural wetland complex of about 3,000 hectares was permanently flooded in the 1970’s when Lake Mokoan was created and this led to the loss of many wetlands.  Since Lake Mokoan was decommissioned in the late 2000’s, the wetlands have gradually recovered and their natural wetting and drying cycle has been restored”.

For more information on the wetlands or other Biosis projects in the north-east please contact Matt on M: 0400 263 235 or call our Wangaratta office on 03 5721 9453.

Winton pic_news item Matt leading the Winton Wetland wander