Wollongong City Council has recently been conducting research into the Waterfall General (Garrawarra) Cemetery, which was used from 1909 to 1949 as a burial site for over 2000 tuberculosis patients from the nearby Waterfall Sanatorium. The cemetery was handed to Council in 1967, along with four other cemeteries that were in use at the time. Today, the site has almost completely returned to bushland, and there is currently no public access. Council are currently considering conservation options for the cemetery and engaged Biosis to prepare a Conservation Management Plan, detailing the history of the site, assessing the significance of the site and providing management recommendations. As a part of this work, Council has prepared a short film titled “Not Forgotten: The Story of Waterfall General Cemetery”, featuring Biosis Archaeologist Asher Ford, to provide members of the public with a better understanding of the current condition of the Cemetery. Council is currently seeking comment from the community to provide feedback on what they think about the various options outlined for the future management of the site.