On 22 May 2013, the Victorian Government announced reforms to native vegetation clearing regulations in Victoria.

The reforms took effect on 20 December 2013 and resulted in important changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPPs) with regard to biodiversity.

The following key changes apply:

The VPPs  have been amended (VC105), removing all associated references to Victoria’s Native Vegetation Management Framework 2002 and Net Gain.

  • A new policy  has been incorporated into the VPPs, this policy is called Permitted Clearing of Native Vegetation: Biodiversity Assessment Guidelines (The ‘Guidelines’) – September 2013.  The objective of the new policy is ‘No net loss in the contribution made by native vegetation to Victoria’s biodiversity’.
  • The Guidelines set out a risk-based approach to assessing permit applications for clearing native vegetation and contain the information requirements, decision guidelines and offset requirements for permitted clearing.  Risk is based on the extent of clearing and its location.
  • Decision making by regulatory authorities is informed by input by experts and publically-available tools which include models for state threatened species habitat and other native vegetation management information.
  • Offsetting rules have changed and there are new requirements regarding the location and type of offsets.

Biosis can assist with applying the Guidelines to your project and any potential implications and assessment requirements.

For further information or to discuss these changes please contact Matt Looby (Wangaratta – 0400 263 235) or Matt Gibson (Ballarat –0418 522 401).

Enquiries for purchase of third party offsets can be directed to offsets@biosis.com.au