As leaders in the provision of Ecology and Heritage services across Australia, Biosis has actively expanded our capabilities to include assessments and reporting relevant to sustainable development rating systems.

Sustainable development rating systems such as Green Star (Green Building Council of Australia), EnviroDevelopment (Urban Development Industry of Australia) and Infrastructure Sustainability (Australian Green Infrastructure Council), are specifically aimed at assessing and rewarding projects that have gone above-and-beyond standard sustainability practices. We have staff experienced in:

  • assessment of projects against ecological and heritage credit criteria, essential actions and scorecards;
  • mapping of project sites in accordance with defined land use types and use of Ecology Calculators; and
  • preparation of Eco-short reports and Wetland Management Plans.

One of our Senior Ecologists, Monica Campbell, plays a consultative role to the Green Building Council of Australia in relation to Green Star requirements for the management of wetlands. If you are planning on making a submission for a Green Star rating, Monica is well positioned to assist you with developing a robust Wetland Management Plan in accordance with the Green Star rating system.

Additionally, Botanist Rohan Simkin and Senior Zoologist Sally Koehler are registered EnviroDevelopment Professionals in assessing developments against aspects of the scheme.  The EnviroDevelopment scheme is administered by the UDIA and is a scientifically designed branding system that allows consumers to identify environmentally and socially responsible urban developments.  Biosis is able to assist in working towards EnviroDevelopment Certification for your project.