Biosis has a strong track record in working together with Local and State Governments to achieve a balance between social, economic and environmental factors and we look forward to engaging with Local Government and other government entities through the Local Buy Environmental Consultancy Services Panel.

Local Buy Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Local Government Association of Queensland Inc. (LGAQ).  Local Buy’s core business is the provision of comprehensive, value adding procurement services to Queensland Local Government and in this role, Local Buy has established a Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS) for a diverse range of Environmental Consultancy Services. Biosis has been successfully listed as a RPQS providing the following services:

  • Riparian Issues / Corridors;
  • Biodiversity (Flora & Fauna), Conservation Areas and Open Spaces;
  • Ecological Consultancy Services,  Lands for Wildlife and Connectivity;
  • Natural Resources Management – Land, Vegetation and Forestry Services; and
  • Cultural Heritage assessment and management.

The objective of this register arrangement is to streamline and enhance the Government procurement process, thereby reducing procurement costs for both Local Government and other government entities.