Biosis has been successful in having our wind farm collision risk model accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin. The journal is published in the USA and is an international peer-reviewed, scientific publication.

For a number of years we have sought to have a description of the model, including its underlying mathematics, published. Publication now allows the workings of the model to be accessible, while clearly establishing ownership of the model as belonging to Biosis. In addition to describing the model, the paper provides a case history indicating the accuracy of the model’s predictions relative to actual experience of eagle collisions with turbines at two Tasmanian wind farms.

The paper is titled: A Description of the Biosis Model to Assess Risk of Bird Collisions with Wind Turbines. Authors I. Smales, S. Muir, C. Meredith & R. Baird.

Biosis congratulates the team Ian Smales, Stuart Muir, Charles Meredith and Robert Baird; the perseverance and persistence that they have all shown has been outstanding.