Protecting threatened species

Peninsula Link is a major road project that connects Carrum Downs to Mt Martha in Melbourne. The 27 kilometer road links three major freeways and when complete in 2013 will transform the way people travel around Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

The construction site is within a sensitive ecological landscape. Biosis was engaged by the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA, now Linking Melbourne Authority) from 2007-2009 to provide expertise in project planning, onsite assessment, working groups, impact assessment and statutory planning panels for the project.

Since 2010, we have been engaged by AbiGroup Contractors as part of the Southern Way Public Private Partnership (PPP) that is delivering the new freeway.

Biosis’ extensive botanical surveys and Net Gain planning ensured that impacts from the Peninsula Link development to threatened species and sites of ecological value were minimised.

Working in project teams with engineers and construction workers, Biosis developed strong relationships and fostered understanding of the importance of ecological values within the project network. Our multi-disciplinary approach and openness helped ensure quick turnarounds on shared objectives.

Assessments by our Aquatic Ecologists, Botanists and Zoologists ensured that SEITA was able to minimise impacts to flora and fauna by informing  environmental management plans for nationally threatened species including River Swamp Wallaby-grass, Dwarf Galaxias and the Southern Brown Bandicoot.

SEITA’s application for planning approval was endorsed and the ongoing involvement of Biosis ensures consistent expert advice on permit conditions and impact minimisation over the life of the development.

Biosis’ experience with major projects, collaborating within project teams, providing objective findings, minimising impacts on threatened species and achieving a Net Gain outcome is a distinct asset for our clients.

Biosis knows where you stand.