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 Dr Rachel Clancy BSc (Hons), GradCertCaptVertMgt, PhD
Consultant Environmental Planner

Rachel has over eight years’ experience in environmental planning and regulation, with a strong focus on NSW planning legislation.  Recently working with local and state governments in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia in a variety of roles, Rachel has developed a pragmatic approach to problem solving and has an excellent working knowledge of environmental impact assessment, legislation and policy. Rachel also has experience in environmental management and pollution control, including the development and implementation of various policies, plans and strategies.

Rachel honed her project management skills while completing a PhD in zoology from the University of Western Australia. In addition to her research on honey possums in Western Australia, Rachel has a Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management and Honours in Freshwater Ecology. As well as having a sound theoretical basis to her knowledge of ecology, Rachel has field experience working in various environments, vegetation and habitat types throughout Australia.

In addition to Rachel’s environmental planning experience, Rachel also has valuable skills in stakeholder engagement and has undertaken training in facilitation. She has an excellent working knowledge of environmental education and stakeholder engagement techniques such as Open Space Technology, World Cafes and community workshops. Rachel has worked with a variety of stakeholders in the areas of environmental planning and management, ecology, conservation biology, sustainability and education and training.

Rachel joined Biosis in 2015 at our Wangaratta office and her environmental planning expertise has been pivotal in the establishment of the Biosis office in Albury, improving our service delivery to clients in southern NSW.

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