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 Alexander Beben BA (Hons) Arch, MA Arch
Principal Archaeologist

Alex is Biosis’ Principal Archaeologist in New South Wales with over twelve years’ experience in the coordination and management of archaeological projects.  During this time he has conducted over 150 heritage projects across Australia.  Alex has delivered Aboriginal and historical assessments as a lead consultant for a range of public and private sector clients in every Australian state and territory.  As a result of this broad and varied experience Alex has a detailed legislative understanding and is able to work closely with Biosis’ clients to ensure they understand their heritage requirements and formulate innovative solutions to their specific needs.

Alex has a detailed understanding of the heritage values across a variety of regions and is accomplished in obtaining approvals under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and the NSW Heritage Act 1977.  Recent state significant projects include the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal assessments for the duplicate crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton and the Foxground and Berry Bypass non-Aboriginal archaeological investigations.

Alex is able to provide clear and well considered advice to clients and has the capacity to design innovative methodologies and project approaches which achieve the desired outcome for Biosis’ clients, often gaining time and cost savings.  In particular, Alex has been able to apply these skills to the two largest historical archaeological excavations ever undertaken in Wollongong.  The projects at the Oxford-on-Crown and Crown sites required the completion of a large scale archaeological excavation to a high technical standard within tight timeframes whilst also garnering a high level of public interest.  Alex formulated a program of excavation which fit within the client’s timeframes whilst also completing media engagements and public interpretation of the excavation.  This ensured that project timeframes were respected, the archaeological works complied with their approvals and the developments proceeded in a positive public light.

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